ANTHROPATRONICS: The Art of Creating "An Experience" 

Now there is a  proven approach to maximizing your potential in both your personal and business life.  When you use this simple system you will notice a dramatic turn in your life.  By changing your outlook, you'll develop a life that is healthy, wealthy and filled with positive relationships.  By practicing  Anthropatronics you can keep your act together and maximize your personal potential making the most of everyday in your  life.  Most importantly you can start feeling the way you act, you are what you wish. Anthropatronics starts by thinking you can be before you can be what you envision. Patronize your surroundings, as you would have them patronize you.

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Nowhere in life is the notion of Charisma more germane than in the business of life. Successful chairmen, executives, managers and presidents have long known this. But yet very few people use it today.  Anthropatronics gives you the power to change people's perception so that the resistance will disappear. Charisma will also allow you to produce results in the following areas:  Your Income, Your communication, Your ability.

As we feel our lives being maximized we must ensure that we have balance.  With out balance we will find ourselves living a tousled life. Many people think that maximizing personal potential in one area can compensate for failure in other areas of life. Keeping balance is accomplished by using a time management system that work for you. Remember that true maximizing of your time requires balance, and this balance is achieved and maintained by imploring the tools that are found here in our site. 




When climbing to the top of our personal potential mountain, we must be sure that our character is in tact and well received by all we come in contact with, weather it be business or personal life. Character is a grouping of of daily habits  Those habits consist of moral and ethical decisions, and those decisions tell people who and what we are.

You must have good health in order to maximize your personal potential. Health consists of our mind, body and spirit.  How can we except to rise to our personal potential on a  poorly kept engine?" You need to be checked by a doctor, regular exercise and the daily taking of vitamins.




In our lives we are faced with many challenges, and it is our task to take the leadership role to ensure that the challenge does not diminish the personal potential you have already achieved. When we take the lead we will find that our standard of living and the quality of life will be maximized.

Management vs. Leadership. Why?  Are they not the same thing?  In the words of Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis; "Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things".  Management therefore is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success and leadership. Efficient management without effective leadership is like switching seats on the Titanic.